Thursday, July 14, 2005

The Handy TomKat Ruler

Anyone who has seen Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes together should have noticed a slight inequity existing between their heights. Check the facts and you'll find that Katie is listed at 5'9 while Tom is listed at 5'7. That's a 2 inch difference, and it can be quite hard to visualize without a ruler at hand. Have no fear though, this handy tutorial will show you how to make your own TomKat ruler using only a dollar bill and a little folding.

1. Start with the dollar bill flat in front you and George staring you straight in the eyes.

2. Fold the dollar bill in half.

3. Fold the dollar bill in half once more, pressing firm to leave a crease. Undo this fold to leave yourself with half a dollar bill and a crease down the middle.

4. Take the outer edge of the dollar bill and fold it in towards the crease in the middle.

5. Congratulations! You now have your own TomKat ruler! You can now save your TomKat ruler for future use, or you can be a true American and spend it on that Snickers bar you really didn't need right before lunch.

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