Monday, July 25, 2005

It's not Herpes, It's...

part of a Scientologist "detoxification" ritual. Earlier in the month, you may remember the photos of a splotchy-faced Katie Holmes making the rounds on the interweb with tags like "Tom Cruise Gives Katie Holmes Herpes!" and "No More Kissing for Katie". Now there are suggestions that the red blotches were actually from a Scientologist detoxification ritual involving the vitamin Niacin to purge the body of 'negative alien substances'. Thank God it's not herpes. At least now we don't have to go in to the presumably dangerous and sticky* territory of guessing where Tom got The Herp.
Plausible answer? You be the judge:

(*Editor's note: "sticky" can be defined as "unpleasant". Sickos.)**

(**Editor's note update: also gives a definition of "stiff". You may now giggle.)


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