Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Mission Statement

My mission: to become a Scientologist.

Ever since Scientology exploded on the national scene after ricocheting off of Oprah's couch and Matt Lauer's forehead, I've wanted to be a Scientologist. I want to know what its all about and why so many people dig it.

How do I fund this religious adventure? Simple. Start a website and a blog.

This will be to blog that keeps people updated on all sorts of Scientology related goodness as well as my own progress into the depths of a cultural phenomenon. To make sure I'm not drawn too far in, I will go Total Recall style and leave myself clues to my former life. For more information, check out the website by clicking one of the buttons below.



Blogger Dark Horse said...

I'd like to be rich too. Just wait until they tell you about the aliens.

4:56 PM  
Blogger IwanttobeaScientologist said...

Yeah... they say it can cost a couple hundred thousand dollars to reach the top levels. As for the aliens... I can't wait!

5:13 PM  
Blogger SlightlyRight said...


A bit of practical advice for you. Scientology is a bit (or a lot) odd if you are not actually doing anything with it. I recommend you do a bit of introspection and locate a flaw or shortcoming that you have that you would like to see remedied or improved. You probably have an important relationship that you would like to see moved onto a better footing, or an area of study that has caused you repeated difficulty or maybe something from your past tends to affect you negatively in the present. (We all have these sorts of things in our lives) Pick one of these things and have it in mind when you first go into the church.

If nothing jumps right out at you, most all Scientology organizations offer a free personality test that you can take, they will send it to you in the mail if you ping them. This is used to help you locate things in your life that are not where you would like them to be. After the test has been scored, someone will help you zero in on a problem area and discuss courses that might help you with that area. Truthfully, the better solution is for you to make an honest assessment of yourself and figure out a problem area you have that you are willing to see improved.

The free introductory services aren’t going to blow your socks off or anything, but they might well serve to answer some of your initial questions. The next level of services can generally be purchased for $100 - $250.00. I have completed about a twenty of these services (Many years ago) and consider each of them to have been well worth the money.

Try and keep your intentions honest and above board. Be honest with yourself and the people that are trying to help you to understand Scientology. Their sincere intention will be to help you better the conditions in your life.

I will keep looking in on your Blog. Let me know if you have any serious questions and I will do my best answer them.


11:18 PM  

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