Friday, July 15, 2005

Now What?

So the website and blog are set up... now what? I think its about time for a little introduction to the world of Scientology. Frightening? Perhaps, but we must forge onward! According to the Scientology website, one of the ways I can get started is to buy one of the Scientology books. But... which one do I get!? Many of the books are categorized under the different aspects of life you want to handle:

What if I'm unhappy and stressed? Dianetics is for me!
What about my unquenchable lust for drugs and alcohol? The Answers to Drugs booklet!
The terrorists are coming to get me! If I can't trust Karl Rove, where do I turn? Solutions for a Dangerous Environment!

I just can't decide where to start, so I need your help. Otherwise, I'll have to make the decision on my own, and that can be very, very dangerous. Head over to the Scientology bookstore and peruse like you've never perused before to help me find an appropriate book to start with. Just don't pick the most expensive book you can find. That would be evil. Email me or leave a comment with your suggestions.


Blogger SlightlyRight said...


start with Technology of Study Booklet - English. It's $5.00 and will take you an hour to get through, maybe.


2:59 PM  

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