Sunday, July 24, 2005

Participate, Damn you!

As suggested (there was actually only one suggestion... the rest of you dirty people should be ashamed of yourselves), I am ordering the Technology of Study Booklet. Why? Its short and cheap. Maybe it will be a good introduction to Scientology? We'll find out soon.


Anonymous Matt said...

This site is great. Keep up the good work. Scientology is truly hilarious.

12:42 AM  
Anonymous Becci said...

A friend of mine and I once bought exactly that booklet at a Scientology booth in town (they have those once a year, complete with free massages..)to see why so many people are into this crap.
Hmm it was a waste of 5 swiss francs and since then I get mail from them every month(I am sure they just had to have my adress since I bought something... But they pressurise you into giving it to them.)
Handwritten letters... Poor people who are in dept to them probably have to write them, or maybe its in their training to become "clean". Oh well.
Great site by the way.

8:31 AM  

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