Monday, July 18, 2005

The Weekend

In case you missed it:
-In an interview with Salon, Bruce Campbell (The Evil Dead, Army of Darkness) made some brief comments about Tom Cruise and his links to Scientology.
Salon: Seriously. There was a hilarious interview with Cruise and Spielberg in Der Spiegel recently, reporting that there was a Scientology tent on the set of "War of the Worlds," because in between shots Tom wanted to help people kick drugs and alcohol.
Bruce: I can believe that. That's fine; it's sort of a way of life for Tom. It's not really a charity. It's more like his religion.
The link to the Der Spiegel article can be found here: [link]

-Proving that there will always be a place for mind-altering drugs in the movie business, the fabulously trippy Charlie and the Chocolate Factory opens big with a $55 million weekend. [link]


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